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We're excited to offer six new Membership options for the Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber from 2023.

Our Chamber is a gathering of locals with businesses or customers in the peninsula area. That's as wide as Bilgola and way up to Palm Beach or over to Clareville, Bayview and Church Point or the offshore communities of Pittwater.

Anyone can join - from home businesses, retailers, consultants or service business to artists, other non profits and professionals and trades. You don't have to live in Avalon or be based in the town centre to join. If you have lots of peninsula customers or clients, an interest or connection with the area - you're most welcome!

Take a look below and join us!

Important Information

Membership is a great, affordable way to support a much-missed business chamber by bringing together local businesses and professionals, services and suppliers, artists, creatives and cultural organisations.

We offer two forms of payment:

  • Standard 'Buy Membership' which you will need to remember each year to renew OR;
  • An Auto-Renew Membership with a 5% discount: let our systems do the hard work!
  • Some Memberships are offered as Two-Installment payments, automated by our system 6 months apart. Just use the drop down menu on the product page to see if this is available.

All payments are encrypted automatically and your information is protected with the highest form of online payment security, PCI DSS Level 1.

Each membership option is described in full detail, along with the benefits included. We are not charging or passing on credit card fees. And we want to make admin as easy as possible, because we're all volunteers.

Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber Inc. is a non-profit organisation within Australia and all memberships collected are used to support programs and activities. All current office holders are volunteer positions.