Update on the Avalon Beach Shared Spaces Plan

Update on the Avalon Beach Shared Spaces Plan

*Update: The closing date for feedback has been extended until 31 May 2023*

Northern Beaches Council has released the Survey on the recent changes to the village under the Avalon Beach Shared Spaces Plan.

Chamber plans to facilitate the feedback process by taking feedback on-the-street over a few weeks during April. We would like volunteers to assist with this, please contact us - it is only a few hours and if you can spare it, it would benefit in gathering feedback from young and old.

Related to this plan, we were informed about bus stops moving around to the corner of Old Barrenjoey Road and Avalon Parade (in front of Spaghetti 75). Given the loss of parking spaces this would require, and the existing congestion in the intersection, Chamber has written to Council (Monday 3 April) to express our concerns and opposition to full-size buses going through the village unless they are small 18-seaters, or Keo buses or similar.

The Survey on the Avalon Place project closes on 30 April 2023. Click here to take the survey.

The full Avalon Beach Plan can be read here (PDF)

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