Australia Post Modernisation Submissions Due: 27 April 2023

Australia Post Modernisation Submissions Due: 27 April 2023

The Federal government has launched the consultation period for the Modernisation of Australia Post. This is a complex issue about serving communities while also providing a viable public asset such as the postal service, for generations to come. As letters shrink, and parcels rise, the way services are run may need to change. Therefore, the government must look at all feedback.

For many in this area, the banks closing or only being south of the bends (in Newport and beyond) makes physical and online business and general access difficult for anyone on the peninsula.

The Australia Post branch in Avalon is regularly crowded at peak times, and far busier than those in other areas. Therefore, we would like to ensure our Postal branch receives the support it needs to grow and stay in the area, not disappear.

We recommend reading the issues paper and making a submission. The Chamber will make a submission, and the more businesses and members who do so in our area, will help to ensure our branch is not adversely affected by any future plans.

Anyone can make a submission to this inquiry. Submissions close on 27 April 2023.

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