August Meeting Update

August Meeting Update

With a few people sick and a lot going on this month, we couldn’t hold our August 24th meeting. But we were able to hold one tonight and covered the following agenda items:

  1. Council visited Avalon for a walkabout with Chamber members and facilitated  by Nigel Wall, Editor of Pittwater Life. Present were the Mayor Sue Hein, Cr Michael Gencher, Cr Miranda Korzy, Architect Simon Mather, Business women Stephanie Hammond and Kathryn Franco all from Chamber. The Shared Spaces Trial area was looked at, along with various streets and laneways. A lack of consistent paving, multiple trip hazards, and limited disabled access was noticed. In addition, a lack of investment in beautification of the town centre was discussed. The bus stop changes, lost parking and oversized buses in the centre were observed at peak time 3pm. Significant parking shortages and lack of investment in the current council car park capacity and how it affects the economic life of the area was raised. The Avalon Golf Course and current cost to maintain and ways to improve this as a gateway to the area was highlighted at a broad level. We continue to invite all Northern Beaches councillors and council engagement officers to contact us regularly and stay in touch to learn about the needs of our vibrant community which could benefit from more focus. Contact details are on this site.
  2. Avalon Shared Spaces Trial Traffic Survey closes on 1st October, we will table the results to council. And publish them online. Take the survey here 
  3. The Life Electric Expo and Discussion Panel (see video on this site) Round up and post-event operations were discussed. We were buoyed by the sold-out attendance and felt that many in the area would like more of this type of engagement in the future on relevant topics 
  4. A Finance update was given following the end of FY. As a new organization, our funds are extremely small. Modest funds will be put towards banners for events to help raise awareness and online visibility for Chamber and members.
  5. The issue of whether members and non-member email subscribers would value a discussion panel on the Voice was raised. Although this is outside our remit, it is a sufficiently important national matter and many may feel they wish to gain more knowledge. We will run a poll on this, and pending the outcome we will confirm if a discussion event is possible.

Thanks to all who attended tonight’s Chamber meetkngsomewhat last minute! 

If you are a small or large business in the area or have clients and customers in the area, please remember to join up We can’t represent the economic and business needs of the  area without your support, or hold networking events and provide resources. 


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